I see the need in today’s real estate market for a specialist dealing with car collector garages.  I am well qualified to be that specialist. I understand your needs as a collector and home buyer.

As a long time car fanatic I love all things with wheels and always have. 

My first track exposure was with Skip Barber & BMW at Lime Rock Park in 1989 as a college graduation gift, my eyes were wide open!  My love of cars found a new outlet, the race track. 

Motorcycles came into my life around 1993 and naturally we went to the track.  In Philadelphia the REDUC Ducati club was the place to be and with our local Ducati tuner, Fast By Ferracci winning in Superbike, my friends and I were excited to be part of the REDUC Sportbike club and the Suburban Philadelphia Sport Bike Scene.

Somehow, magically, as my children came into my life, my motorcycles vanished, go figure!

I couldn’t shake my love of the race track and frequent HPDE days at Pocono Raceway’s road courses were common, now I was driving sports cars and loving it. 

When New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) opened in 2009 as more of a country club for auto enthusiasts, I saw the concept of gentlemen club racers and was meeting a whole different style of Car Guys. These guys had designated track cars and needed bigger garages.

In order to have a track car they needed a trailer and a place to park it in addition to their daily driver.  No longer was a 2 or even 3 car garage enough for these guys.

The collector concept is similar, the “car toy” requires a support system that most homes aren’t setup for.

If we want our toys in our sandbox then we need a home that caters to our hobby, that’s where I come in.  I specifically search for homes with an appropriate garage setup for car people.

Whether you are prepping your Ducati for a track day, cleaning your Daytona for a concourse event or simply having some friends over, I understand how important that space is to you.

I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, share some great stories and find you a great garage that comes equipped with an awesome home.

Peter Zaidan

The love of cars is a passion that I’ve grown up with and one that I love to share.

Homes4CarGuys has developed a network of Car Guy (and Gal) agents that understand what you want (or already have) in a Garage Focused Home.   We are The Specialists for this Specialty in real estate. 

Please reach out to me and I’ll put you in touch with a experienced, knowledgeable agent that focuses on Garage Focused Homes, storage solutions (man cave storage) and some of us even help with builders and design.


We are growing quickly, if you know a quality car guy / agent, we’d love to interview them.

We are based in Scottsdale, AZ and have agents in these locations (by State) :

Scottsdale, AZ

Los Angeles, CA

Denver, CO

Greenwich, CT

Pensacola, FL

Atlanta, GA


Chicago (Northern Coastline), IL

Detroit, MI

Portland, OR

Philadelphia, PA

Austin, TX

Newport News, VA

 More to come !


I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, share some great stories and find you a great garage that comes equipped with an awesome home.