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A long-time car fanatic, Peter sees a need in the real estate market for a specialist dealing with luxury houses that suit the needs of car collectors near and far. He believes he understands your desires as a collector and a home buyer. 


Peter’s love for cars grew in 1989 when he attended the Skip Barber & BMW at Lime Rock Park. It was his first track exposure and a newfound love for the racetrack. 

Motorcycles came into Peter’s life around 1993, and naturally, he went to the track. In Philadelphia, the REDUC Ducati club was the place to be. With the local Ducati tuner, Fast by Ferracci, winning in Superbike, his friends and he was excited to be part of the REDUC Sportbike club and the Suburban Philadelphia Sport Bike Scene.


Peter had kids, and his motorcycles went away as life went on. However, he couldn’t shake his love for the racetrack and frequented HPDE days at Pocono Raceway’s Road courses. His passion for sports cars grew.


In 2009 when New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) opened, it was a country club for the auto enthusiast. Peter  saw a need, and He states, “these guys needed bigger garages for all their cars.” Owners with multiple track cars needed a trailer, a truck, and a place to park it that wasn’t in the way of their daily driver. 2 and 3 car garages didn’t cut it anymore for these car enthusiasts. 


Most homes are not set up for these car collectors or track enthusiasts, and that’s where Peter comes in. He specifically searches for homes in his network with appropriate garage setups for collectors and enthusiasts alike. 


Peter understands how important the space is to you, whether you are prepping your Ducati for a track day, cleaning your Daytona for a concourse event, or simply having some friends over.


Peter currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, with his wife and children. 

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The love of cars is a passion that we’ve grown up with and one that we love to share.

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